The city of Mysore is the third largest city in the state of Karnataka in India. It is also known by the name of Mysuru and has served as the Capital of the one-time kingdom of Mysore for almost 6 centuries up to 1947. There are a lot of attractions in Mysore which bring thousands of visitors to the city. Sitting at the base of the Chamundi Hills, the city has some breath-taking places with the most notable being the Mysore Palace. Hotels in Mysore India are also a great lure for tourists and business travellers as they exist in a rich diversity that caters to your every requirement.

Attractions in Mysore


The Mysore Palace is the biggest attractions in the category of Palaces and is strategically located in the City Centre. It once served as a dwelling place for the former Royals of Mysore and also housed the Royal offices. You will also find other Palaces such as the Lalitha Mahal which occupies the second place as well as others such as Jaganmohan Palace, and Jayalakshmi.

Parks and Gardens

There are also some lush and historic gardens that are like eyecandy. The most prominent is Brindavan Gardens which features a Botanical park with boat rides and numerous fountains. This is a creation of the Diwans of Mysore who designed the Garden in a way that connects it to the Dam. You will love the musical fountain on display and also visiting the various biological research departments which have made the garden their home. There is also the Happy Man Park located in the vicinity of Kamakshi Hospital and the railway station. Butterfly Park is another addition to the more than 180 playgrounds and parks that are great for romantics, relaxation, and family fun.



There are also numerous Museums the most prominent of which is the Mysore Sand Sculpture Museum which is a first in India. This is a result of great vision, planning and coordination which was able to put together over 115 truckloads of sand and in excess of 150 sculptures. The design gives out 16 themes that narrate the Mysore Heritage story. Other Museums include Folk Lore Museum, Rail Museum, and Regional Museum of Natural History.

The Hotel Factor

You will also enjoy the various places of worship, the wildlife, libraries, and more. The best aspect of it all is that the hotels that you stay in are strategically located to give you unfettered access to the various attractions and ensure that you have pleasant experience.